About Us

Scene Lab Productions is a group of creative professionals from varying production backgrounds.
Their common thread? A love for visual storytelling.

Eric Carlsen

Eric Carlsen is a filmmaker and the owner of Scene Lab Productions. Eager to learn from others experience, Eric has performed a variety of jobs in the production world, including serving as a script writer, production assistant, grip, camera operator, director of photography, director, editor, and producer. In 2014 Eric co-produced the documentary Carb-Loaded with Lathe Poland, a film which they crowd-funded, wrote, and directed together. An open mind and quirky sense of humor comes free with every production.

+1 (845) 206-7603eric@thescenelab.com

Isaac J. Terronez

Isaac J. Terronez is a video editor, post-production generalist, and all-around technologist. Before joining Scene Lab, Isaac was IT Director and Video Editor for an ad agency and video production house in the Midwest. You're guaranteed at least one Lego® reference per project, and an unbridled enthusiasm for anything Back to the Future related.

+1 (845) 630-8194isaac@thescenelab.com