About Us

Scene Lab Productions is a group of creative professionals from varying production backgrounds.
Their common thread? A love for visual storytelling.

Eric Carlsen

Eric is a filmmaker and the owner of Scene Lab. Eager to learn from others' experience, Eric has performed a variety of jobs in the production world, including serving as a production assistant, grip, camera operator, director of photography, director, editor, script writer, and producer.

In 2014 Eric co-produced the documentary Carb-Loaded with Lathe Poland, a film which they crowd-funded, wrote, and directed together. An open mind and quirky sense of humor comes free with every production.

Joseph Guffee

Joe is a talented producer with a penchant for audio and video post production. Thanks to his organized mind and love for all things creative, Joe has a knack for bringing order to the chaos while simultaneously making every team member better at their job.

Spending time with Joe will inevitably lead to an illustration (verbal or sketched) that perfectly crystallizes a thought you were struggling to complete.

Kaarsten Harris

Kaarsten is the co-owner of Sommerud Design (a Scene Lab media partner), and an integral part of our team. He is an accomplished director of photography, an FAA-licensed drone pilot, and an all-around Creative who can meaningfully contribute in nearly any filmmaking role.

Collaborating with Kaarsten will always include photos of his cat Femi, and tales of a recent culinary experience.