About Us

Scene Lab Productions is a group of creative professionals from varying production backgrounds.
Their common thread? A love for visual storytelling.

Eric Carlsen

Eric Carlsen is a filmmaker and the owner of Scene Lab Productions. A jack of all trades and definite master of none, Eric has performed a variety of jobs in the production world, including serving as a script writer, production assistant, grip, camera operator, director of photography, director, editor, and producer. In 2014 Eric co-produced the documentary Carb-Loaded with Lathe Poland, a film which they crowd-funded, wrote, and directed together. Surrounding himself with talent to hide his lack thereof has enabled Eric to enjoy nearly 13 years in the industry.

+1 (845) 206-7603eric@thescenelab.com

Isaac J. Terronez

Isaac J. Terronez is a video editor, post-production generalist, and all-around technologist. Before joining Scene Lab, Isaac was IT Director and Video Editor for Happee Smith Productions, an ad agency and video production house focusing on live events. You're guaranteed at least one Lego® reference per project, and an unbridled enthusiasm for anything in the Back to the Future universe.

+1 (845) 630-8194isaac@thescenelab.com